Top 10 reasons why people choose to learn Italian

  • to reconnect with their Italian roots and heritage
  • to communicate better with Italian-speaking friends, relatives, and loved ones 
  • to prepare for a trip, vacation or a move to Italy
  • Italian is a reference language for the arts, gastronomy, opera and design
  • Italian is recognized as one of the most beautiful spoken languages on the planet
  • Italian developed from Latin and an estimated 60 percent of the English vocabulary also comes from Latin
  • an estimated 7,500 American companies do business with Italy & over 1,000 U.S. firms have offices there 
  • Italian universities are much less expensive than American universities 
  • to impress your date when you go to an Italian restaurant and pronounce “bruschetta” correctly
  • goes hand-in-hand with learning about Italian wine - become a connoisseur & impress your date again!

Top 10 reasons why students join this Italian Language and Culture Program

  • courses are well-organized and structured, and the lessons are planned out in detail
  • students are actively engaged at all times but never feel performance pressure 
  • to socialize with Boston-area adults with similar interests in Italian language & culture
  • the North End of Boston is an ideal setting to learn Italian because of its history and connection to Italy
  • classes are not taught in a conventional classroom, but in a quaint and intimate setting
  • the student to teacher ratio is very low (there are 2 teachers present at most lessons)
  • to attend wine-tasting, dinner and Italian movie events
  • to network, build relationships & share ideas 
  • students are kept well-informed of opportunities outside of class to practice Italian
  • the teachers are accessible outside of class and willing to assist in any way

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