Tips and tricks to find free or meter parking in and around the North End

Keep in mind that parking rules and regulations are frequently updated or subject to change, therefore the following information may or may not always be completely accurate!

  1. On North Washington Street (the wide road that heads directly towards the Charlestown Bridge), parking is free on both sides of the street.  Parking is allowed only at certain times, so check the signs to make sure...

  2. There is parking on the streets on and around the surface artery where Haymarket is held on Fridays and Saturdays, and also in the area where the pubs are.  Look on Blackstone Street and Union Street., where there are some parking meters that are active until 8:00 pm.

  3. There are free ‘VISITOR’ spots on several side streets in the North End.  On weekdays until 6:00 pm, these spots are good for 2 hours.  After 6:00 pm and on weekends, there are no time limits.  The trick on weekdays, is to find one of these spots around 4:00 pm so there is no need to move the car the rest of that evening.  ‘VISITOR’ spots are open for both ‘residents’ and ‘non-residents’ of the North End.  

  4. There is only one area on Hanover Street after 6:00 pm that is open to parking for non-residents.  It is the very last block on Hanover St between a little alley called N. Hanover Court and Cross Street (the surface artery). Romano Florist, CVS Pharmacy and Taranta restaurant are located directly on this block.  There is room for about 7-8 cars on this block.

  5. In the North Square area of the North End, there is a side of the street that is open for free parking after 6:00 pm with no time restrictions.  The specific block is between the Paul Revere House and Gennaro's Restaurant.  It is actually a tow zone and is completely open before 6:00 pm, so the trick here is to arrive early and wait in the car until 6:00 pm.  
  6. From Atlantic Avenue (near Christopher Columbus Park) down to Commercial Street (near the end of Hanover Street) you will find many meters along the road.

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