B1 - Threshold Stage

Appropriate for both the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate level student

This stage includes both the Pre-Intermediate and the Intermediate levels.  Student entering this stage should be able to produce simple sentences and formulate and respond to simple questions. They can read very short texts and find specific information in simple everyday material such as advertisements, menus and timetables. They should have a basic knowledge of grammatical structures, including different tenses and word order, and have enough vocabulary to ‘survive’ in predictable situations . They should have the ability to interact in direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities, knowing enough phrases to describe family and other people, living conditions, educational background and present job.

Students that would most benefit entering this stage should be able to utilize the elements of the Italian language that are listed in the Grammatical and Communicative Goals for all levels preceding the ‘Pre-Intermediate’ level.

Students should have also been exposed to at least 180-200 guided teaching hours before entering this stage.

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