Orientation Meetings for New Students

An orientation meeting for new students for the 2018 Winter Session will be held in the North End at Caffè Paradiso (255 Hanover St.) on Thursday, December 28  from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.                                                                            

The purpose of orientation meetings is to introduce new students to this program and provide them with the necessary information that will allow them to make a good decision about whether or not this Program is suitable for them.  At the meetings, students will meet the teachers, examine the textbooks and ancillary materials that are used in the courses, learn about teaching strategies and curricula that are implemented, discuss the 'levels' in detail and what is taught/learned at each level, as well as the dates, times, costs, payment and expectations for the classes.

All new students interested in this Program are advised to attend the orientation, and to contact us in advance of the meeting, either by phone - (617) 233-9876 or by email (jjordan@italianprogram.com).

The 2018 Winter Session opens on Tuesday, January 2nd and ends on Monday, March 26th, 

   Language, Travel and Culture Exchange, LLC  •  Ph.: (617) 233-9876 • jjordan@italianprogram.com