2017 Winter-Spring Session
Course Schedule

Course Materials

The ‘Beginner’ and ‘Elementary’ courses on Mondays and Tuesdays utilize the following textbook:   

     * ‘Prego, an invitation to Italian’ - 8th Edition                                                                                          

The ‘Prego’ series includes a Workbook, Laboratory Manual, Audio Program and interactive website to which the students have full and free access.

 ‘PreIntermediate course on Wednesdays utilizes the following textbook:  

     * 'Immagina - L'italiano senza confini’                        

In addition to the textbook, students in this ‘Pre-Intermediate' course will also have the option to access an extensive Online Program that directly accompanies the textbook.  The Online Program is comprised of grammar exercises, videos, audio recordings, testing material, and more. There is a additional small cost associated with having access to the Online Program.

The ‘Intermediate course on Thursdays utilizes the following textbook:  

     * ’Nuovo Espresso 3' - ALMA Edizioni.                         

This top-selling Italian Language Series fully addresses the needs of the ‘Intermediate’ level student.  This book includes a Videocourse, an Audio Program, Cultural sections, Advanced Grammar Exercises, and an accompanying Workbook.  Students can access free online activities, and may view and download extra material on the ALMA Edizioni website.

The ‘Upper Intermediate/Advanced
course does not utilize a textbook.

Students for this course are provided with a significant amount of material, and access to a large amount               of electronic files.  The curriculum for this course is based on, but not limited to the following:  General Conversation, Current Events, Italian Film, Contemporary Literature, Italian Culture, Advanced Grammar       and Vocabulary Games.  

Number of lessons and hours of formal instruction

(Monday) -  ‘Beginner - Step II’ - 20 lessons x 2 hours = 40 formal instruction hours.                                         (Tuesday) -  ‘Elementary - Step II’ - 20 lessons x 2 hours = 40 formal instruction hours                                    (Wednesday) - ‘Pre-Intermediate - Step II' - 20 lessons x 2 hours = 40 formal instruction hours.                          (Thursday) - 'Intermediate' - 15 lessons x 2 hours = 30 formal instruction hours.                                          (Saturday) - ‘Upper Intermediate/Advanced' - 15 lessons x 2 hours = 30 formal instruction hours.

Course Cost

‘Beginner - Step II’ - $400                                                                                                                                             ‘Elementary - Step II’ - $400                                                                                                                                                      ‘Pre-Intermediate - Step II’ - $400                                                                                                                           'Intermediate’ - $300                                                                                                                                                                   'Upper Intermediate/Advanced’ - $300

A deposit of at least $100 is due one week prior to the start of all courses.                                                                    

The balance is due before the start of the second lesson. 

There is no "pay as you go” or “pay per lesson” option.

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